Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Anthony Armstrong Model Airplanes

Hanging-out at the Foundry in Dallas. I was talking to the bar managers 
that started taking flying lesson.
That had me thinking about the days I flew airplanes.

I never got to talk about stuff like this. Most people see me as a different person, 
and talk about rap, political race crap, baggy pants and why do they do that.
On and on.

Yes, I use to fly airplanes! I took flying lesson in the 1980s.

I didn’t get my pilot license because I ran out of money. 100 buck an hour was to much 
for a teenager right out of high school. Before I started taking flying lesson, I built radio 
control model airplanes and taught pilots how to fly them. That’s funny!

When a radio control model airplane turns back towards the pilot, the reveries
controls would throw pilots off every time. That’s when I took over the controls,
and saved the model airplane.

I was good at building model airplane. I started designing, and building my own radio 

control airplanes. I didn’t use, model airplane kits. I built over 70 model airplane at the 
time, and got a job at Burney’s Hobby Shop on Jefferson street.
That’s the only way I could afford this hobby.

In high school I got my first patent pending for a rubber band powered helicopter
I designed in the 1970s. I didn’t finish the patent? Because I didn’t have enough 

money, once again.

At the Southwest Modelers Show in 1979 I got second and third place with my 
helicopter models. I remember hearing someone say he didn’t make that 
and they couldn’t fly.

My helicopter models was so advance, over the standard rubber band power airplane.
It made the other model airplanes look stupid.

Some things never change. 2015 I have people saying the same types of things
about my vintage scooter work. I just sit back and watch it all, then move forward
on my next project in life.

This is the only picture of Hans Crumpton. The other African American kid that flew 

radio control model airplanes with me in the neighborhood.
At that time we were called Negros are Blacks, I can’t remember. haha
Changing, American designations can be funny!

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